Welcome To Our
Central Ontario WLS Family

We are proud to have a mix of both Canadian and US supporters and do our best to inspire bariatric patients, both pre and post op, those thinking about surgery and supporting fans. Our goal is to continue to create a community of support and education. We support individuals from multiple countries. Government regulations are different in both the US and Canada. Please be sure to know your country guidelines should you contact a partner, exhibitor or supporter. This website is for information and education purposes only.​

Meet Our Supporters


"I love the fellowship at this conference. I can honestly say I have met friends for life!"
"This will be my first time attending and I am so excited. I am traveling from the United States and looking forward to an awesome learning experience as well as fellowship among the bariatric community."
"For me Spring Fling was an event that through the encouragement of a caring wls community was I able to come out of my comfort zone and attend and amazing event. I enjoyed a day of meeting new people, getting support from others who understand our struggles, and listened to speakers who helped me learn about myself and ways to help keep on a healthier life plan. Most of all I will be forever grateful to those who restored my faith there might be some bumps in our roadway, but that doesn't mean we failed, we just have to pick ourselves up and start again."