Meeting the Doctor – Part 5

Meeting the Doctor

I have heard that this is generally the last appointment before meeting with the surgeon. I entered the clinic wondering if this was true, what would happen, when, all those normal things that you experience when it comes to something that ultimately changes your life forever. I checked in at the desk, and once again, sat in the waiting area.

Similar to my experience when meeting the social worker, I sat, and sat, and sat, all the while noticing that my scheduled time had gone by. I was concerned that I would miss my delivery from the pharmacy while I was here, as I was experiencing what I believe to be cellulitis, and having to go on iv antibiotics as my reduced dose of oral antibiotics (due to my kidneys) was not sufficient in combatting the infection. But enough about that, as this isn’t a blog about my ailments and maladies. It is about becoming a better me.

Eventually, I was called in to see the doctor, and for what felt like the one hundredth time that week, had my blood pressure, temperature, and oxygen levels checked. The doctor asked about my iv, and we chatted briefly before moving on to the main event. The doctor wanted me to do some blood work, but since I literally had just come from having blood work done for the nephrologist, she opted to wait until later, when discussing surgery, or something related to the anesthesiologist. We talked about how medication may be different for me than others recovering from surgery due to my needs, and encouraged further conversation with the nephrologist (who referred me, and is supporting the process) regarding aftercare.

We discussed that I may not be eligible for Opti-fast due to the high amounts of vitamins A & C which could impact my kidneys, and that I may need something more along the lines of Diabetic Boost instead. I shared that I wasn’t looking forward to any of that, but that I would follow the program.

When it came time to talk about next steps, the doctor told me that surgery before the new year was unlikely, and that I would receive a call from the clinic when it was time to meet with the surgeon. My best guess is that once that occurs, there is something with an anesthesiologist, and then off to surgery at some point after that.

I would be lying if I said I wasn’t nervous, or worried about having surgery. There are many things that I think about, such as how I will cope with the new normal, or if there will be complications during or afterwards. I combat this with the thought and understanding that I have a great team of professionals that are looking out for me, and that this one step in the journey to a newer and healthier me.

Mark Middleton

Mark Middleton

WLS Patient