About Us

The Central Ontario Weight loss Surgery Support Group was founded in late 2016 to help fulfill Janet Patterson’s dream to create a second bariatric social event in Ontario.  This group gave birth to the first SPRING FLING in April of 2017.  The success of this event encouraged a second in 2018 and finally a third, two day event in MAY 2019.


The goal of the group is to provide support, encouragement and guidance to all, regardless of where they are in their journey. While we are all on the same journey the road we take is unique. The common denominator is the unconditional support from the bariatric community.


Our logo, the OWL: forever wise and vigilant is an acronym for Ongoing Weight Loss. As bariatric patients we must be wise about how we use our tool, and how it effects our health and well being. We must also be vigilant with regards to those effects and willing to advocate when the need is there.

This Website has been developed to provide an online, real time, ongoing source of support, encouragement and guidance.

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